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We meet in Cockermouth on a monthly basis. Meetings are friendly and informative, and everyone is welcome. All your questions are answered below. If you want to see what we’ve been up to recently check out our meeting reports. See also details of our regular observing events.

Where does the Society meet ?

“No matter what your level of experience, you’ll find our regular meetings friendly and informative”

We meet in St. Joseph's Church Parish Hall, Cockermouth. The Hall stands beside St. Joseph's RC church, which can be found between the Kingfisher public house and the famous Trout Hotel on the Workington side of Cockermouth. See directions or download a society factsheet with map.

When does the Society Meet ?

We meet on the final Tuesday of every calendar month, except for December when we hold a social event earlier in the month. Meetings begin at 7.30pm and finish at around 9.30pm. See our calendar for individual events.

How is the Society structured ?

We have a basic committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 or 4 other members. Everyone is a volunteer, and at present we don’t have any formal elections, although we are looking to develop a formal constitution over the next six months or so.

What happens at meetings ?

Meetings are very informal, and usually comprise two or more short illustrated talks, usually given by members but sometimes by guest speakers, with time set aside for group discussion. There is a short break with refreshments mid-way through the meeting to allow members to chat with others about their own interests. Most meetings begin with a News Round-Up, followed by Society News and brief reports from committee members. See our Meeting Reports section for details of what we’ve been up to recently.

Who can join the society ?

Anyone! Absolutely anyone. Our doors are open to everyone, of any age and level of experience!

What kind of people are in the society ?

Although we have a respectable number of experienced and enthusiastic observers among our ranks, many CAS members are "absolute beginners" just starting to become acquainted with the wonders of the night sky. Some of our members don't even use binoculars yet. At the other end of the "spectrum" we have several keen and accomplished astro-photographers - people who take pictures of the night sky, some of which have featured in astronomy magazines.

Many CAS members are keen computer users, and several of them are Internet users. We now have a Society e-mailing list, which updates online members regularly on Society events and unexpected events taking place in the night sky, such as the appearance of comets or displays of the northern lights. Using information from various NASA and solar-monitoring sites, the Society's "Aurora Warning Network" alerts online members to the possibility of a display of the northern lights.

As for age, our youngest members are aged 8, and our oldest are retired, so age is not an issue within CAS. Neither is sex; we have roughly equal numbers of men and women, girls and boys. So, basically, if you've any interest in the night sky or "space" you'll be made very welcome - and feel comfortable - at a CAS meeting.

How much does membership cost ?

At the moment we have no membership joining fee. Instead, meeting attendees are required to pay £1 each, 50p for children. This money is used to pay the cost of the room hire and general society running costs.

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