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When you live under Cumbrian skies, you can’t spend every evening out under the stars. You’re more likely than not to see clouds on any given evening. This leaves us plenty of time to catch up with the latest news and views on the internet

Here are links to a few of our favorite sites. If you want a little more detail on some sites check out our website reviews page. For more up to date links see CAS LiveLinks in the sidebar at the left of our site.

Members’ Websites

Space and Astronomy News

  • Universe Today - A simple website giving up to date news on space science and astronomy as well as useful observing tips. []
  • - Another great news site. Often with the same stories as Universe Today, but tends to quote directly from NASA and other agencies press releases. Usually a bit quicker than Universe Today with the news. []
  • Space Spin - Another news blog this time specializing in space missions, and unmanned missions in particular. A good place for news on Cassini, Mars Rovers, Mars Orbiters and other none NASA missions. []
  • Planetary Society Blog - Normally kept up to date with interesting news by Emily Lakdawalla this site is good at providing background to some of the news stories. Good for getting the inside information on astronomy conferences etc.[]

Observing Information


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