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Our public events are a big part of the society

Society Events

Astronomy societies are all about getting together with others to share your interests and experiences and learn from others. There’s no better way to do that than to come along to one of our many CAS events.

In this section:

Venus Transit - May 04
Saturn Day - Jul 04
Mars Day - Jan 04
Festival of Stars - Nov 05

Events Calendar

We organise a number of events each year to cater for society members and public alike. Our events take a number of forms;

  • Public observing events - anyone can turn up and have a look through society members telescopes, ask questions etc. Usually held in Cockermouth or some other central location.
  • Society observing events - events for society members, usually involve travelling to a dark site, and perhaps at more anti-social hours !
  • ‘Space Day’ exhibitions - held at weekends and involving lots of exhibitions, computer and equipment displays, talks and help and advice on hand. Usually these are based around a theme of something which is going on in space news.
  • Public Lectures - Lectures on a specific topic. Sometimes with a guest speaker. Often combined with the ‘space day’.
  • Society visits and trips - visits to space exhibitions / lectures / museums and the like. Society members get early notice of what’s going on, and we often arrange special trips.

The following pages give some examples of recent events we have organised. Keep and eye on the events calendar for details of upcoming events.

Our recent events

Observing (Skywatch) events

Space Day Events

  • Mars Day at Tullie House - January 2004
  • Saturn Day at Rum Story (Whitehaven) - July 2004
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