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If you are starting out in astronomy, or helping someone who is, then there is plenty of information around on the internet and in books to help you. In these pages we aim to cut to the chase and provide some basic advice and point you in the direction of some of the more useful sources you can go to.

To start we’ve got a beginner’s guide to the night sky. Covering all the bases, Stuart Atkinson (founder member of CAS, now secretary of the Eddington Astronomical Society in Kendal) gives a quick tour of the night sky.

Once you’ve spent a few nights under the stars and the ‘astronomy bug’ has bitten, you’ll probably start thinking about buying a telescope. Don’t make any rash purchases, have a look at Stuart’s answer to the question us amateur astronomers often get asked . . . “which telescope should I buy?”. The answer may surprise you . .

If you want to print any of these pages then the printer icon will take you to a printer friendly versionj028400505.

If you’ve followed the advice so far you’ll be wanting to get the best out of your new pair of binoculars next time you are out on a clear night. Chris Darwin provides some advice on ‘binocular astronomy’.

We’ll be adding more advice over the next few weeks so check back regularly. Planned articles include;

  • Photographing the night sky.
  • Using simple web cams to take amazing astronomical images.
  • What to think about when you really do want to buy a telescope.

If there is anything you would particularly like advice about then contact us. Someone in the society may have just the advice you are looking for,

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